Still No Refuge….

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s explosion Dadaab’s Ifo camp was rocked again today by another bomb, this time in the middle of one of the markets.  Fortunately it seems the device was either very small or failed to detonate correctly as damage was minimal and there were only a few casualties.  It seems, according to sources in the camp, that the camp’s Kenyan Police are being targeted as retribution for the Kenyan army’s recent incursions into Somalia. They are trying to take on Al Shabaab the Al Qaeda off-shoot that is causing havoc in Somalia.  Incredibly it seems in the chaos following the latest explosion the Kenyan Police took the opportunity to loot some of the shops in the market!

Bearing in mind I leave for Kenya in about 9 weeks my fears can only increase if this continues.  That said, the stories need to be told and the people, Moulid included, who live there endure fear as a matter of course.

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