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After The Cameras Leave

The research is well under way, the contacts made and the permissions sought. I will be travelling to Kenya early next year to continue my research and by summer 2012 ‘After The Cameras Leave’ will be published – that’s the theory anyway.

Millions of desperate, frightened and resigned people across the world are currently ‘warehoused’ in refugee camps; guests of host communities and long forgotten by western governments, given as  much thought as a minor expenses claim is given by a British member of parliament.

I am going to tell the story of these forgotten refugees, some of whom have lived in camps for upwards of twenty years.  I will be updating my blog regularly, posting progress of my research and providing links to relevant and interesting information such as – a refugee operated ‘newspaper’ which regularly irks the authorities who run Kakuma camp by telling the stories they’d rather not leave the camps.

Thanks for reading and please drop me a line if you would like to know more about my work or my other book – They Have Names Too [see ].

Best wishes

Dean Moull